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  • Fire in each eye, and papers in each hand, They rave, recite, and madden round the land.
    - Alexander Pope

  • My name is mrtl. I'm now living in Virginia with mister mrtl and our beautiful daughters, Bug and Jem.


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Twenty some-odd years ago, in sex ed, a classmate asked if there was such a thing as a female erection. It puzzled everyone (and made us laugh -- we WERE 12). I think you have finally unravelled the mystery for me. What remains a mystery is how that classmate came up with the question in those pre-Google and pre-Wikipedia days. Better not to ask.

Stephanie C | Seriously, Really... Seriously?

Bwahaha, linked through from The Bloggess, and quite enjoyed your tangents amongst the bigger issue of clitoral labia, I mean, labelling.

True, I have never, EVER pitched a panty tent. So already you have more credibility than your other sources!

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