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I played! Now I just need for it to actually happen...


ooh great stuff. Give me a little while, I'll have to think on this one for a bit....


Those are cool things. Forget photography classes...fly Wave of Modulation out to show you a few things!! That's what I would do. I would invite all the blogger friends that take kick ass pictures to come visit and teach me stuff.
I will do today's assignment. I just need to write what I need to write and then save it for tomorrow.


I *intended* to play. Of course, I forgot, and now I'm at school in-between classes and I don't know if I can come up with anything on the fly.


Aww, come on. You can think of more luxury items than that, can't you?

I played!


Same here. It's not the big chunky stuff that I need or want. It's a lot of little things. Oh yeah...a new car. And...wait. College for three boys.


That poshtots site is great for daydreaming. That playhouse is adorable, but it cost more than my parents paid for their house!!! (30 years ago, to be sure, but STILL!)

I also remember seeing a Cinderella pumpkin carriage bed (or maybe crib) in magazine ads for that site. Darling, darling, darling.


Man. I'm a photography teacher and I would totally let you fly me to Alaska to teach you photo lessons! I've always wanted to go there. ;)


If I had a million dollars, I'd take a limousine ('cuz it costs more).

Von Krankipantzen

It goes to show that once the basics are covered it can hard to find those splurgy things. I went safe and listed all the regular stuff - house, cars and travel etc. because that is what I DON'T HAVE!!!


Hmmm, as I opened this page, our Powerball commercial hit the screen: $174 million.

Is it a sign I need to go back out to my car and buy a ticket??

LOVE THIS POST! (And so sorry about the missing GA yesterday! I SERIOUSLY love that show!)


p.s. Tomorrow's the big day for the "follow mrtl workout program."

Last year was a bad 'un. This year's motto: thriving and fabulous!

Thank you for the inspiration!!


Andrea - The price is a lowball figure. Imagine the possibilities if it were fully wired. Here in Alaska, we'd have to get the heated floors so the Bugs (make that WE) would be able to play in there during the long winter.
lisajoyce - Thanks for stopping by and for the offer. Let's see if it happens now... (no lottery here, damnit).
~Kabe - Honey! lol I am not setting out to be an example. I'm going to use public humiliation as incentive, 'tis all. If anything, I'll amuse the masses (or horrify them).


great start, mrtl. where is a picture of the 23 thousand dollar victorian playhouse?


that is a lot for a playhouse. My kids would be forced to play in that thing every single day of their lives.

I played, but not very well. I think I may have deprived my kids a little. Oh well. They get enough.


I played! I played! Link me beyotch.


You always come up with the most unusual stuff (a la Christmas). *I* want one of those Poof outfits.


Okay, they *so* need a cat for scale in that Victorian Playhouse. The pics make it look like any other boring house but you know it's little.


haha Hänni

Amy/Daphne - go to the link and look at the other pics. you'd be surprised - there's a pic of a girl sitting inside. it's huge.


LOL @ "Hänni Beyotch"

You're the best.


I saw the pic of the girl right after posting that comment... she fits perfectly in it. I think it would really suck to grow out of such a house.

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